Indoor Air Quality

快播视频 is committed to maintaining proper Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in all facilities to help ensure the health of all persons that use the 快播视频鈥檚 Buildings.

The Facilities Department is actively setting a baseline for Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Moisture in each building via testing. The data for this baseline is being taken during the occupancy times of the buildings. This will help ensure that the readings that we obtain will more accurately reflect the actual usage of the spaces.聽 Further, this testing will be done on an annual basis to revisit our 快播视频 baseline and address potential problems before they occur.

The 快播视频 uses Carbon Dioxide levels as an “indicator” to help ensure that ventilation systems are delivering the recommended minimum quantities of outside air to the building’s occupants. The standards that we set as a 快播视频 to achieve these minimums are the standard set by ASHRAE (62-1989) for comfort, which is set at 700 ppm CO2 above background (normal outside levels are between 300-400 ppm CO2) or roughly 1000-1100 ppm CO2, if possible with a maximum target of 1500 ppm CO2.聽 The limit for health and safety set by OSHA is 5000 ppm CO2.

By conducting our IAQ checks, the Environmental Service Workers (ESW) collect the data in the appropriate area being sampled. The data is received by the Maintenance Supervisor who directs the HVAC department to investigate any areas with CO2 levels greater than 700 ppm above background (1000-1100 ppm depending on outside levels). Upon HVAC鈥檚 completion of an issued work order on those areas, the ESW crew revisits the affected areas and resamples to ensure that all levels are within 快播视频 specifications. This information is then made available on the Facility web site.

If an individual or individuals believe that there is a problem with the air quality in their area, they should follow the following steps to help us find a solution to the problem.

  1. Make sure that all vents are clear of clutter and that airflow is present. Many times, obstructions will cut down on the amount of air into an area and therefore decrease air quality. Notify the custodian and the principal of the problem. Many times the custodian may be able to address and fix the problem immediately. If the custodian cannot fix the problem, have the custodian fill out a work order as to the problem.聽 Be as specific as possible to help facilitate a solution. If the problem requires immediate response, make sure that the custodian calls in the problem to the Facilities Department.聽 We will respond to all emergencies calls ASAP.
  2. If our ESW are surveying your area and you believe there is a problem, let them know. The ESW will submit their findings and any potential problems will generate a work order to investigate and fix a problem area.

Remember, the Facilities Department is here to help in anyway that we can. Please address any questions or concerns to the Maintenance Supervisor at 262-359-6103.