Speech/Language Therapy

The Speech/Language Therapy Program serves approximately 1500 students in public, private and parochial schools within the 快播视频 boundaries. Communication is the foundation of academic and social development and supports lifelong learning.  The speech/language therapists provide specially designed instruction to students identified with a speech/language impairment to help them become competent communicators within the school environment. A speech/language therapist is assigned to each school building within 快播视频.

Speech/language therapists work with students, staff and families to:

  • Evaluate students for eligibility for special education
  • Provide therapy services to eligible students in the area(s) of:
    • Speech sound development
    • Language development
    • Fluency/stuttering
    • Voice
    • Augmentative/alternative communication
  • Collaborate with staff to support students’ communication skills within the school setting

Contact Information

Who do I contact if I am concerned about my child’s speech and language development?

  • 快播视频 school/teacher
  • Private/parochial school administrator/teacher
  • 快播视频 Speech/Language Therapy Office 262-359-7696