Carthage College

Director of Admissions:
Ben Gorres

Students and parents should contact Ben Gorres, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, for information about courses, prerequisites, and schedules. Dual credit ratio is: 4 college credits = 1 high school credit.

Carthage College Eligibility Requirements for the Early College Credit Program:

  • High school students who have a minimum of 2.0 in a recalculated cumulative grade point average GPA–English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Lab Science, & Foreign Language may enroll in the Early College Credit Program.
  • The Carthage College Admissions Representative reviews the applications. Students who are accepted into the Early College Credit Program receive a letter from Carthage giving specific instructions regarding the student orientation, placement exams, college IDs, parking, library, Internet, and other college privileges. Typically, that letter is sent in August for fall enrollment and in January for spring enrollment.
  • Carthage College fall courses typically start the first week in September, so students have time after picking up their high school schedule in August to synchronize Carthage and high school schedules. The spring courses typically start the first week in February. High school counselors are able to verify Carthage course enrollment and provide students with the required Release Form.

Application Forms: