Middle School Dress Procedures

A physically educated student should have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. In order for our students to achieve this status, they are required to dress appropriately for participation in physical education class. The following attendance and dress procedure have been established for students.


No student will be allowed to participate without wearing appropriate gym apparel. If the gym apparel does not fall within the district physical education guidelines, teachers may allow students to participate but with reduced participation points.


The district dress requirements in Physical Education are as follows:

  1. Shorts are to be the standard boxer type of any color and with an elastic waist. No short shorts or cut offs are permitted. Sweat clothing can be worn over the gym outfit. Jeans or slacks are not permitted.
  2. Shirts are to be a round neck tee shirt with sleeves. Any color is acceptable, however, the shirt should not display any writing or picture unless approved by the teacher. No cut off or bare mid-riff tee shirts are allowed.
  3. Shoes are to be standard basketball, tennis or jogging shoes. Turf shoes or shoes with cleats are not allowed.
  4. Socks should be of a sweat sock variety and need to be worn to participate.
  • Health and Hygiene Considerations: Gym shorts and shirts should be used for physical education only. Students should not wear gym clothing to other classes or as underwear.


The student who fails to dress and fails to contact their instructor prior to class (roll call) with a valid reason will:

  1. First offense per quarter – receive a zero for that day in participation and attitude/effort/cooperation.
  2. Second offense per quarter – receive a zero for that day in participation and attitude/effort/cooperation and an alternative assignment will be given.
  3. Third offense per quarter – receive a zero for that day in participation and attitude/effort/cooperation, teacher will call home and an alternative assignment will be given.
  4. Fourth offense per quarter will result in the same action taken as the third offense with further discipline determined by individual buildings.


Participation is an important part of a students' physical education grade. Students not attending or participating in class, whether excused or unexcused, must make up the days as follows:

  1. Students will be allowed to make up missed days through the schools intramural program, CLC Program, or as arranged by teacher.
  2. Students not participating in physical education with a parental note will be:
    1. Excused from activity for up to two consecutive days.
    2. Expected to provide a medical excuse from a physician, if the condition persists for more than two days.
    3. Allowed two notes per quarter.
  3. Missed days with a medical excuse from a physician:
    1. Students will receive a written assignment for each day they are not participating or other arrangements may be made with teacher.
    2. If a student will not be participating for more than 5 weeks, arrangements will be made with the building administration.
    3. If the length of time is not noted, students will not be allowed to return to physical education unless a written release is provided by the physician.