The Office of Communications serves the entire district and community in a variety of ways. Some of the daily tasks of the Office of Communications include:

  • Working with local media outlets聽to promote the wonderful learning taking place in 快播视频
  • Updating website content and layout to provide current, accurate information to current and potential families
  • Taking photos and video聽of school events
  • Filming districtwide events and Board of Education meetings
  • Creating and hosting parent education programs that are open to all Kenosha County residents
  • Promoting 41 schools through the use of聽social media
  • Providing programming and advertising for Channel 20 and
  • Providing crisis communications support to schools and the community when necessary
  • Providing design and copy for fliers, brochures, banners and more
  • Representing the department at a variety of district and community meetings

The professional staff in the Office of Communications is prepared to help all 快播视频 schools and departments create professional grade, polished products that will promote 快播视频聽to the communities we support.