Accounts Payable

Invoice Requirements

Invoices to the 快播视频 must include:

  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Dollar amount due
  • Description of services / items provided
  • Date of services / items provided
  • Purchase Order number issued by the 快播视频 associated with service / items
  • Location within the 快播视频 for which service / items were provided

Payment Policy

快播视频 pays invoices for products and services 30 days after receipt of invoice and verification of receipt of goods / services. Checks are mailed on Mondays. Some vendors might be paid via credit card.

Vendor inquiries

Vendors inquiring about payment status on an invoice may email聽

W 9

Before any payment is made to a (new) vendor, a properly signed W9 must be submitted.

1099 Misc

Accounts Payable will issue 1099-MISC at the end of each calendar year, according to IRS guidelines and requirements.